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f*@k no sound (solved) sorta

in Computer Issues Sun Jan 24, 2010 4:59 pm
by arm0k

damn it all to hell when your hardware shits on it self an refuses to prceed with its most simplest duties like sound ,and video .Im sad to say after research on the net an hours of stress aswell as a few other very compident minds working on it it was time to face facts....So i brought a new board (downgraded hard i had the p5q-e ) i got the p5kl/epu assus all the way after installing my sound issue was fixed how ever evrytime i go to install my vidio driver the vidio will not responde after install AgGGGhHHH i had 2 cards there both fried fu@k it all 2 4850 .luckly a m8 of mine jst brought the 4890 x2 2gig so he had a 8800 gts idleing in the closset swooop ive got it as a loan :) so now i have a stable system still rocken the quad .the funniest thing was i got the 8800gts goen an it is carving in the grafix department allmost beter than when i had mi 2 running on crossfire hmmm any ways the morole of the story is dont buy a 3rd person gpu water block always use fasmilia names trusted companys an iff possible remove all harware b4 draining water system an always remeber prep is the key ..........

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RE: f*@k no sound (solved) sorta

in Computer Issues Sun Jan 24, 2010 5:10 pm
by Candyman • 7 Posts

yea man i bet this must have been really frustrating i would'a been banging my keyboard

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